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Webmaster's Note : There is a huge amount of information available on Shotokan and Shotokan-related topics on the internet. Many of these provide extremely helpful information. However, there are a great number of websites with information on them that may promote misconceptions, misinterpretations, and in some cases even injury. I therefore thought it might help to provide a brief introduction to the links below indicating why I find them worth visiting. Once again, if there are links that deserve inclusion on this page, please send them to the webmaster by clicking here, or by clicking the webmaster link on any page.



Shotokan Karate on the Web  
SKIF, Japan ::
Official website of the Shotokan Karate-do International Federation world headquarters in Japan
SKIA Inc. ::
Official website of Shotokan Karate International Australia Inc.
Websites for other SKIF-Member countries
Lester Ingber's Archive :: This is an incredible resource for anyone interested in Shotokan karate or in martial arts in general. Lester Ingber is the author of some of the best work on analysis of Karate technique and practice, such as his seminal work 'Karate: Kinematics and Dynamics' and has been kind enough to put the complete content of all his books on his website for free access.
Cory Searcy's Shotokan Karate Pages :: Cory Searcy's website provides an excellent introduction to Shotokan, and is especially good for students who are not able to attend classes regularly, with detailed drills, training recommendations and even example lesson-plans
24 Fighting Chickens ::
Rob Redmond is equally famous and infamous in the karate world for presenting alternative and often very confronting perspectives on Shotokan. He has considerable experience behind him, much of it from training in Japan. While sometimes slightly biased, he presents a great deal of good information and some good food for thought if nothing else.
Progressive Shotokan Karate ::
A group of Shotokan instructors in the Phillipines attempt to analyse and explore technique in greater depth
Keith Geyer's Karate ::
A good source of reference material including illustrations of various stances and techniques and a guide to kata. For SKI-students, there may be slight variations from what is practiced in SKIF, but it is good as a basic online reference

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